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Everything You Need To Know About the TEAS 7 (TEAS 7 Update)

ATI will soon release a new version of TEAS in 2022. From TEAS 6, the seventh version of the exam called TEAS 7 will launch in June 2022. The announcement is relatively new. Thus we will keep reporting updates throughout the year as more information becomes available, here is everything you need to know about the TEAS 7 update. Check out everything you need to know about the test in our TEAS Test ultimate guide review.

What Are the Changes from TEAS 6 to TEAS 7?

Before anything else, let’s preface by first noting that the fundamental elements will remain the same. The subject matter, number of questions, and timing of the test will remain the same based on the information that has been publicly shared. 

First, the exam will still have 170 questions, with 150 scored items and 20 unscored (pre-test) questions. Secondly, the four core sections will remain the same. 

The only changes in the TEAS 7 will be the ratio of how many questions there are for each subject. With this, you can expect that the number of items will slightly increase or decrease for all topics.

TEAS 7 Reading

For the Reading component of the test, there will be fewer questions for Key Ideas & Details. From 22 questions, it will be reduced to 15 questions. There will also be a slight decrease in questions for Craft & Structure, which had 14 questions on TEAS 6. For the updated version of the exam, it will be lowered to 9 questions only.

Inversely, there are going to be a few more questions about the Integration of Knowledge & Ideas. In TEAS 7, it will now be 15 questions, whereas it was only 11 questions on the old version of the test. 

TEAS 7 Math

For Math, there are going to be fewer questions about Numbers & Algebra. From 23 questions on TEAS 6, it’s now only going to be 18 questions in TEAS 7. 

Meanwhile, there will be more items on the topics of Measurement & Data. From 9 questions, it will now cover 16 questions on TEAS 7.  

TEAS 7 Science

For the Science section of TEAS 6, there was 32 questions for Human Anatomy & Physiology. Now it will be lowered to 18 questions on A&P. 

In TEAS 6, there was a category called Life and Physical Sciences, which consisted of items about biology (Life) and Chemistry (Physical Sciences). The new version of TEAS has broken that category into two, which also doubled the number of questions you need to answer. From 8 questions, it has now increased to 17 with nine questions for Biology and eight questions for Chemistry. 

  • For a free Chemistry review on the States of Matter, watch this
  • For a free Biology TEAS review, watch this.  

TEAS 7 English

There are going to be a couple of more questions added to the English section. From 24 questions, TEAS 7 has increased it to 33 for the topics of Conventions of Standard English and Knowledge of Language.

The topic Vocabulary Acquisition from TEAS 6 has also been renamed into Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing. From six questions, it will now consist of 10 questions which is a little less than twice the number of items from the old version. 


As you can see, the changes from TEAS 6 to TEAS 7 are not monumental. It’s still going to be the same test with the same subject areas and topics. Only the number of questions has slightly increased or decreased. That said, there is no need for you to panic. 

If you are looking to invest in TEAS study materials, consider ones that are constantly updated with the changes from ATI.  Smart Edition Academy is already working on the updates for its online courses and study guides. Our TEAS online course has recently been updated with additional lesson modules on chemistry and biology. In addition, we added a 9th bonus practice test that reflects the TEAS 7 question ratio. This ensures that when the new version rolls out, everything that Smart Edition offers is up to date and completely ready for students who are about to take the latest version of the test.


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