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There are a few key things that you can do to set yourself up for success when studying for the ACCUPLACER.

After you are familiar with the content on each test section and you take a free ACCUPLACER practice test, you can focus your studies on the areas that you need to work on the most, which the free ACCUPLACER practice test will help you identify.

This will also help you get comfortable with the test format and hone your test-taking skills.

While not easy, try to ensure each study session is active and engaging. You can do this by mixing up what type of material and resources you use to match your learning style.

For example if you are an auditory or visual learner you might watch or listen to video lessons, or use flashcards. If you enjoy reading more then you can use materials that contain more text based material and resources.

ACCUPLACER Practice Test Strategy

Studying for the Accuplacer is most effective when you use practice tests as your roadmap. Having a strategy allows a test taker to feel more in control, prepared, and less overwhelmed.

Here are some tips on how to use practice tests as you study for the ACCUPLACER.

  • Start by taking an initial free ACCUPLACER practice test online.
  • Using your score report review the topics within each subject that you scored well in and scored low in, these are your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create a plan to study the topics you scored lowest in from each section.
  • Plan for your study sessions to be short and specific. Each session should be one or two hours long and focus only on one topic.
  • Each study session should include answering at least 8 practice test questions on the topic.
  • After working on your weaknesses for at least a few hours each week, retake another different ACCUPLACER practice test to see what areas you have improved.
  • Continue this process until you have practice test scores that make you feel ready to take the real ACCUPLACER test.

ACCUPLACER Math Practice Test

The ACCUPLACER math practice tests are a great way to brush up on your math skills before taking the actual ACCUPLACER test. These tests will help you identify any areas that you need to work on before taking the real test.

The ACCUPLACER math practice tests are also a great way to see how much you have improved since taking a practice test.

ACCUPLACER math practice tests will test students on various math concepts such as basic algebra, geometry, probability, equations with one variable, linear equations, ratios, fractions, decimals, and more.

You can see examples of ACCUPLACER math practice test questions on the College Board official website.

ACCUPLACER Reading Practice Test

Taking an ACCUPLACER reading practice test allows a test taker to test their ability to evaluate passages and answer questions regarding theme, text structure, author’s purpose, vocabulary, multiple meaning words, and main ideas.

The reading consists of 20 multiple choice questions. The questions focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and analytical skills.

ACCUPLACER Writing Practice Test

The writing section of the ACCUPLACER consists of 25 multiple choice questions. The writing section of the ACCUPLACER tests a student’s ability to answer questions that require identifying the correct punctuation, grammar, and other parts of standard English.

Moreover, the writing section tests a student on their abilities to organize and create structure in a piece of writing.

An ACCUPLACER writing practice test can allow a student to practice answering these types of questions and get familiar with the content and subject matter.

Taking an ACCUPLACER practice test should be the first step in your studying journey for the ACCUPLACER. A writing practice test will reveal the strengths and weaknesses by topic so you can know what topics you should really be focusing on.

Reviewing your incorrect answers and answer explanations to each question on the practice test can help you better understand that topic so you can learn why each answer is correct or incorrect.

You can see examples of ACCUPLACER practice test questions on the official ACCUPLACER website.


The ACCUPLACER score range for each section is 200-300. The ACCUPLACER essay is scored between 1-8. Scores 276 or higher are considered high scores demonstrating mastery in the concepts. The ACCUPLACER is a placement test; therefore, there is no pass or failing score.

Need help with Math? You can start with a free ACCUPLACER Math practice test and discover your strong points and weak subject areas. That way you can focus on the parts of the test that you need to study.  Use practice tests with answers and detailed explanations to help you better understand the questions. Make sure you are prepared!

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