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Frequently Asked Questions about the ATI TEAS Proctored Exam

TEAS at ATI is the remote version of ATI TEAS. You will be answering the exam online, and ATI will serve as your proctor for the entire duration. Some frequently asked questions are not necessarily covered by the step-by-step guide listed earlier. With that said, here are some questions commonly asked by future TEAS test-takers. Check out everything you need to know about the test in our TEAS Test ultimate guide review.

Can you go to the bathroom while taking the ATI TEAS?

Based on our correspondence with several test-takers, you can’t go to the bathroom while taking the test. The ATI TEAS 6 is meant to be finished within one sitting. The best thing to do is to make sure that you use the bathroom before taking the test. You could also avoid the intake of too many fluids before the exam. This way, you’re saving yourself from being uncomfortable during the test, which will affect your focus.

Will my internet speed be affected if other people are using the internet during my test?

Yes, it will impact your internet speed if other people are using your internet connection. If people in your household are using the wi-fi at the same time you are taking your test, your internet speed may slow down.

Make sure that no one else is using the wi-fi while you are taking the test. This way, you are preventing any bandwidth issues. Remember that this whole test is administered online. It’s better to let everyone else in your household know that you need to use the internet for the time being.

Can you use a regular calculator while taking the test at home?

No, you cannot use any other calculator during the TEAS, aside from the one built into the online test. While it is understandable that you may be more comfortable using a traditional calculator with more functions, ATI will only allow you to use the on-screen calculator included in the test. ATI will provide a four-function calculator that can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Watch the video below for more information about the TEAS on-screen calculator.

Can I use scratch paper?

Yes, you are allowed to use scratch paper. You will need one if you prefer to write out problems instead of keeping track of it mentally. In this case, make sure you have one piece of blank scratch paper, which you will show to your proctor before taking the test.

Can anyone be in the room with you while you take the ATI TEAS?

No one can be in the same room as you when taking the ATI TEAS 6 remotely. Remember that before you even take the test, the proctor will have to scan the room through your web camera. They do this to make sure that nobody is giving you any answers for the test.

ATI can be strict about this rule. In that case, before you take your test, check that no one else is with you. Close the door and let everybody in your house know that no one can come into your room while you take the test.

Can I take the ATI TEAS on my tablet?

No, you cannot take the test on any other device aside from your laptop or desktop computer. You cannot take the TEAS on a tablet or smartphone.

Remember that there are several technical requirements that you need to follow before you can take the test. Most of these system requirements are only possible with laptops and desktop computers. Make sure that you only take the TEAS on an appropriate device.

Tip for the Proctored ATI TEAS Exam

Don’t miss the opportunity for a remote proctoring dry run, which ATI will email you a few days before the test. The dry run will take you through exactly what will happen on the test day. This email includes the steps of logging in, showing your ID, scanning the room, among others.

During the dry run, you will also be asked three random questions with nothing to do with the ATI TEAS 6. This step is just done to ensure that your test will work smoothly.

The thought of taking the ATI TEAS 6 at home where someone is constantly monitoring you can be nerve-wracking. The best way to ease your worries is to prepare the best you can. You have done your best in preparing how to answer the test with all the practice questions. Now, the next thing to do is to make sure you’re all set up and confident that there will be no issues as you take the exam smoothly.

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