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You Need To Score High On
The PSAT 8/9: We Will Help You

Here's What's In The Course

If we could include more things to help you we would, but this is everything you need

4 Practice Tests

Use the most accurate practice tests designed to replicate the PSAT 8/9 exam that can be taken unlimited times.

87 Video Lessons
49 hours

Learn the material from a series of 87 video lessons that cover to all the topics covered on the test. 

PSAT 8/9 Math Mobile App

45 lesson Modules

Lesson modules for every topic on the test with the best material to learn and study all the topics within each subject.


Reinforce what you're learning with hundreds of flashcards covering every subject on the test.

Money Back Guarantee

Try Smart Edition Academies PSAT 8/9 course for 3 days. If you don’t feel like it’s the best PSAT 8/9 online course, we’ll give you back your money no questions asked.

PSAT Math Practice Test question Example

Know What To Expect On The Exam With 4 Practice Tests

unlimited retakes

Practice all 4 practice tests as many times as you need to with no restrictions. The key to success on the PSAT is to get as much practice as possible.

Timed like the real test

Timed tests are challenging especially if it's your first timed test. Become more comfortable in a timed test environment with Smart Edition. The worst scenario is running out of time on the actual test, we help prevent that.

Simulates real online test environment

Get the advantage of completing practice tests in a simulated timed online environment just like the real test. Come test day, you'll be just as comfortable with the real test as you were with the practice tests.

Significantly Improve The Odds Of A High Score With Detailed Answer Explanations

Practice questions are only as good as the explanations that help teach why the answer is correct and why the other choices are incorrect.  Smart Edition offers very detailed explanations for each and every question. 

Practice Test Question Explanation

Know Where To Focus Studying

Score report Breaks down Each question by the Topic

The best place to start is with a practice test score report, the report breaks down each question by the topic and shows percentage scores for each topic.


The score report helps your student identify their strengths and weakness helping guide which topics they should focus on.

track your progress

Practice test scores are saved so you can view and track your progress on each test.

PSAT Practice Test Score Report
PSAT 8/9 Online Course Test Prep

Lesson Modules

Interactive - Not just boring text

Reading dense paragraphs of text is no way to learn, each lesson module includes interactive practice questions allowing you to test yourself as you are learning each topic.

Illustrations throughout

Each lesson is packed with illustrations, graphics, and visually engaging content to keep you interested in the material as you study.

Practice questions in the lessons

Intractive questions are presented throughout the lesson like drag and drop, fill in the blank, sorting, and other question types so it's not just multiple choice questions.

87 Video Lessons
49 hours of video

Learn from 87 video lessons and 49 hours of video covering every topic on the test. Follow along as our instructors break down each subject in easy to understand and visually engaging ways to help you retain the material. 


Hundreds of flashcards for every subject and topic on the PSAT 8/9

Reinforce what your student learns by testing their knowledge on key terms

Sneak a peek inside the PSAT 8/9 course

Course Content

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Section I Reading
Section II Writing and Language
Section III Mathematics
Full Length Practice Exams
PSAT 8/9 Math Practice Test Video Explanations
Section V Flashcards