GED Practice Test Question: Math

This GED Practice Test math question comes from the Standards of Measure section of our GED Online Course. This math lesson breaks down the volume, weight, length conversions, and more. 

The correct answer is (B). 2.25.

27 in×1 ft=12 in=27.12 inches

=2.25 ft

The basic units of measure of length in the standard measurement system are inches, feet, yards, and miles. There are 12 inches (in.) in 1 foot (ft.), 3 feet (ft.) in 1 yard (yd.), and 5,280 feet (ft.) in 1 mile (mi.).

The basic unit of measure of metric length is meters. There are 1,000 millimeters (mm), 100 centimeters (cm), and 10 decimeters (dm) in 1 meter (m). There are 10 meters (m) in 1 dekameter (dam), 100 meters (m) in 1 hectometer (hm), and 1,000 meters (m) in 1 kilometer (km).

To convert from one unit to the other, multiply by the appropriate factor.

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