The Nature of Motion

Introduction This lesson introduces the basics of motion and the application of simple physical principles and basic vector math to problems involving moving bodies. It culminates with an introduction to projectile motion and a presentation of Newton’s laws of motion, which summarize the classical view of physics. Nature of Motion The space that people perceive …

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Friction and Types of Motion

This lesson discusses different types of motion. Then, it examines uniform circular (rotational) motion and centripetal acceleration. It also introduces the concept of friction and its effect on motion in real-world situations. Types of Motion According to Newton’s first law of motion, an object moving with a given velocity (even if it is zero) will …

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Electricity and Magnetism

This lesson reviews the nature and relationship of electricity and magnetism and how these forces enable many modern technologies. Electric Forces and Fields Objects that have an electric charge attract or repel other electrically charged objects depending on whether the charges are like (repel) or unlike (attract). Coulomb’s law describes the electric force  that an object carrying charge  exerts on an object …

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Kinetic Energy

This lesson introduces the concept of mechanical energy as the sum of kinetic energy and potential energy. The lesson also examines objects in motion and the effects of changing velocities and forces on moving objects. Finally, the lesson discusses how the force of gravitation affects objects in the universe. Mechanical Energy Energy is the ability …

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Waves and Sound

This lesson reviews a simple model of the atom and its role in the materials of everyday life. It then discusses waves in general and mechanical and electromagnetic waves in particular and applies these principles to optics. Matter and Atomic Structure The materials that are common to human experience (through sight, touch, and the other …

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