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HiSET Reading Practice Test

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HiSET Reading Practice Test
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How do I pass HiSET reading test?

The simple answer is that the best way to pass the HiSET reading test is to prepare, study, and practice for it. The reading section of the HiSET can be challenging because answering questions may not be as direct as answering a math or social studies question.

The first step in preparing for the HiSET reading section is to take a free HiSET reading practice test. Taking a HiSET reading practice test allows the test taker to get a sense of what the real exam will be like on test day. Moreover, at the end of the practice test, students will have a diagnostic report breaking down how they scored on each subtopic such as Determining Main Idea or Author’s Purpose.

Once the weaknesses are outlined, students should spend time dedicating short and specific study sessions to their weak topics. Study sessions should be at least once a week for each topic. After 4-5 weeks of studying the topics each week, students should retake another practice test to gauge their improvement in this section of the HiSET. You can see more HiSET practice questions on the official HiSET website. 

Once you are able to consistently score well on the HiSET practice tests, then you know you are ready to take the real exam. 

The reading section of the HiSET is a 50-question multiple-choice subtest. Students have 65 minutes to complete the reading assessment. Students will have to answer questions involving analyzing and evaluating literary and informational texts.

What is in the reading section on the HiSET?

The Language Arts Reading section of the HiSET requires students to answer questions that test their ability to comprehend, interpret, and analyze provided material. You can practice questions for the HiSET reading test here

The provided texts are either literary or informational that vary in purpose, style, and forms. For example, students may be presented with memoirs, essays, poetry, excerpts, or narrative content.

Students will have to answer questions to find the main idea, theme, or supporting ideas. Students will also have to recognize and determine the author’s purpose, style, mood, tone, and argument.

In addition, students will have to make inferences, draw conclusions, compare and contrast ideas, and make inferences based on multiple-meaning words and context.

Is the HiSET reading test hard?

The HiSET reading section is not as direct and intuitive as the test’s math or social studies section. Instead, the reading section requires test takers to review various types of literature that is either informational or literary based.

Students will have to review the content quickly, evaluate the information, and be able to answer questions about the author or the content. This requires practice because it can be difficult to evaluate properly, draw conclusions, and determine the main idea or purpose.

The best way for students to prepare for the reading section of the HiSET is to take frequent practice tests that are realistic and similar in format to the actual test. By actively practicing the required skills, students can improve their scores in the reading section.

Once you cover the reading skills, you may want to brush up with a HiSET Writing Practice Test.

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