General Science ASVAB Practice Test

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How much does General Science count on the ASVAB?

The General Science section of the ASVAB is used to determine if a candidate has the basic scientific knowledge needed for success in specific careers within the military. Many people believe this section is unimportant, but it can be very helpful in predicting success in other sections. The General Science section covers Earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics topics.

This section can be very important if you are trying to get into a specific career field that requires knowledge in one or more of the sciences like some of the more technical jobs offered by the military. Your military career can help provide you the experience to take into your post military career so if you are interested in a career in the sciences, it is definitely worth studying for this section of the ASVAB.

How to study for the general science ASVAB

There are simple steps you can take to begin studying for the general science ASVAB. You will want to make sure you understand the material on this subtest and review high quality material like the general science ASVAB study guide included in the Smart Edition Academy’s ASVAB online course. This includes studying things like the scientific method, the foundations of biology, aspects of chemistry, and physics. You can find tons of great resources online and YouTube can be one of the best resources for you.

A good starting point is to take a general science ASVAB practice test. Evaluate your score by reviewing the diagnostic report which should help you identify your weak topics within the general science topics. For example, on the general science section, are you getting all biology-related questions right and only getting chemistry and physics-related questions wrong?

Study those weak areas by using things like video lessons, flashcards, question banks and written lessons like those offered in the Smart Edition ASVAB online course.

Schedule weekly study sessions on those topics and make sure you consistently review material covered in previous study sessions so you don’t forget what you’ve already learned.

From there you can take a different practice test and you should start to see your score improve in those weak topics.

How many general science questions are on the ASVAB?

The general science (GC) section of the ASVAB has 16 questions to be answered in 8 minutes on the computer based CAT-ASVAB. However if you are taking the paper based version of the ASVAB you will have 25 questions to be completed in 11 minutes.

While this section of the test is relatively short you do end up only having roughly 30 seconds per question so you really need to practice with timed tests so you can get a feel for the actual timing of the test.

What is the best practice test for the ASVAB?

Smart Edition Academy offers one of the best ASVAB practice tests available on the internet. You want to make sure that the ASVAB practice tests you take simulate the real ASVAB as much as possible in both the question format and difficulty level of the questions. It should be timed, so you can get a sense of how long you have to complete each section. And it should include the correct ratio of questions for each section – this varies depending on which version of the ASVAB you’re taking.

Some people prefer to take a paper-and-pencil practice test, while others prefer to use an online test prep program. Whichever format you choose, make sure that the practice test includes answer explanations so that you can study from your mistakes.

The ASVAB is a challenging test, but you can achieve a passing score with enough preparation. In addition to General Science topics, you may want try the ASVAB arithmetic reasoning practice test and make sure you are ready for that portion of the ASVAB.