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Is the TASC test the same as the GED?

The TASC, GED, and HiSET are all high school equivalency certificates. The differences between the test include cost, eligibility, number of retakes, and question type. 

What is the TASC Test? 

The TASC stands for Test Assessing Secondary Completion. It is a high school equivalency certificate for adult learners. The TASC takes 9 hours to complete and includes a written essay. 

How many questions are on each section of the TASC? 

The reading, science, and social studies section has 49 questions. The math section consists of 43 questions. The writing section consists of 51 questions.

Is the TASC test harder than the GED?

 The TASC is following the Common Core which is gaining popularity among colleges and career programs. The GED and TASC have similar sections and test students on similar subjects. 

What’s a passing score for the TASC? 

The minimum passing score is a 500. In addition, the writing section requires a minimum of 500 points and a minimum of 2/8 on the written essay. 

How do I start studying for the TASC? 

The best way to start studying for the TASC is by taking a practice test, determining your strengths and weaknesses, creating a study plan, and studying strategically with good study resources.

What is on the Math section of the TASC?

The math section of the TASC is comprehensive and includes questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, equations with one or more variables, rules of probability, standards of measure, ratios, percentages, and more. 

What is on the Language Arts of the TASC

Test takers can expect to be tested on their knowledge of the writing process,  active and passive voice, understanding sources, drawing conclusions, making inferences, author’s purpose, point of view, main ideas, topic sentences, supporting details, evaluating an argument, and more. 

What is on the Social Studies section of the TASC?

The social studies section includes questions about Civil War times, economics through history, microeconomics, macroeconomics, individual rights, principles of American constitutional democracy, Age of Exploration, types of Government, and more. 

What is on the Science section of the TASC?

Students can expect questions on chemistry, biology, and physical sciences. Examples of topics include acids and bases, cell structure, cell type, friction, states of matter, temperature, the Metric System, designing an experiment, and scientific notation. 

How can I pass the TASC Test?

The best way to pass the TASC test is by first taking a TASC Practice Test like the one below. By taking a TASC Practice test, you can get a sense of what the test is like and get a diagnostic report of your weaknesses and strengths for each section. 

Narrowing down your strengths and weaknesses allows you to create a plan of action for studying and practicing. You can improve your score faster by focusing specifically on “decimals” and “fractions” instead of just “math”. Read more on how to pass the TASC

How do I study for the TASC Test?

The best way to study for the TASC is by giving yourself enough time to not only study each subject, but give yourself enough time to revisit your weak areas multiple times. Scheduling frequent study periods that are productive, retaking practice tests, and practicing what you just studied right away (Active Recall) is the best way to study over time. 

Utilize TASC study guides and courses that are relevant and help you with your learning style. For example, visual learners love the 100+ videos and colorful graphics that come in our TASC online course