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Use a combination of 50 lesson modules 4 practice tests, 100+ video lessons, and flashcards to be more than prepared for the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam.


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The feeling of being totally prepared for the test is something you can pay for. But completing the test with a smile on your face because you know just crushed it is priceless. Yep, we give you that feeling.

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Become hyper focused on what you study by using the scored reports to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Pin point the exact topics you need to spend more time studying.

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With the help of KNAT Tutor we give you the tools and courage to conquer this test and get into your program, we’ll help you get there, it’s why we exist.

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You're busy. Spend less time wondering if it's on the test, more time studying. KNAT Tutor saves you tons of time with our curated tests containing the exact material that will be on the test.


4 Practice Tests

Use the most accurate practice tests designed to replicate the KNAT exam that can be taken unlimited times.

Hundreds of Flashcards

Reinforce what you're learning with hundreds of flashcards covering every subject on the test.

100+ Video Lessons

Learn the material from a series of 100 video lessons that correlate to all the topics covered in the practice test.

50 Lesson Modules

Lesson modules for every topic on the test with the best material to learn and study all the topics within each subject.

Trusted by over 30,000 nursing students each year

KNAT Tutor and Smart Edition KNAT study guides are trusted by over 30,000 nursing students each year to get into their top choice nursing program.


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I loved the practice tests and after taking the actual test I can say they really are just like the real thing.
Alana Shipley
Nursing student at UCF
I'm so happy with KNAT Tutor, I finished the whole course and loved all the practice tests, videos, and flashcards
Ashton Rivera
Nursing student at Nova SouthEastern Univ.
It was a struggling to find good material to prepare for the KNAT so finding KNAT Tutor was a life saver.
Kiara Luke
nursing Student at Rasmussen univ.

If there is one thing that can help you's KNAT Tutor


Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from our students

    Is knat Tutor Credible?

    100% yes, which can’t be said for most KNAT test prep. We only work with highly qualified subject matter experts who have actually taken the KNAT test to develop the content and our editorial team is second to none ensuring you get the highest quality questions. We don’t mess around when it comes to preparing for the KNAT.

    has it helped other students and Will it help me pass the test?

    You bet, we help over 10,000 students per year prepare for and dominate the KNAT to the best of their ability. Our reviews speak for themselves.

    Why should I buy KNAT tutor instead the practice tests from ati? how are you different?

    It’s pretty simple, you get way more study tools for your money. Feel free to pay more to use something that doesn’t include 100 video lessons or flashcards, however, we don’t recommend it.


    How close is it to the actual test?

    Very close! Our editorial team has sat for the KNAT test several times in order to truly understand not only what subjects are on the test but how the questions are asked allowing us to make the closest possible simulation of the exam as possible. 


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