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KNAT Practice Test Question from KNAT Tutor Lesson: Synonyms, Antonyms, and Analogies

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KNAT Practice Test Answer Explanation

The correct answer sounds like this:

A synonym is a word that has the same meaning or close to the same meaning as another word. For example, if you look up the words irritated and annoyed in a dictionary, you will discover that they both mean “showing or feeling slight anger.” Similarly, if you were to look up blissful and joyful, you will see that they both mean “extremely happy.” The dictionary definition of a word is called its denotation. This is a word’s literal or direct meaning.

When you understand that there are multiple words that have the same denotation, it will broaden your vocabulary. It is also important to know that words with similar meanings have nuances, or subtle differences.

[Source: KNAT Tutor Lesson: Synonyms, Antonyms, and Analogies]

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