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KNAT Practice Test Question from KNAT Tutor Lesson: Skeletal System

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KNAT Practice Test Answer Explanation

The correct answer is A. Osteoblasts are bone-forming cells found on the bone’s surface. They help form new bone as older bone is broken down through resorption. 

Ossification also plays a role in bone remodeling. Mature bone tissue is constantly being broken down through a process called bone resorption. Through ossification, new bone tissue replaces this old bone. There are three types of bone cells:

• Osteocytes: These are bone cells. They produce collagen and other substances that create the extracellular matrix of bone.

• Osteoblasts: These are called bone-forming cells. They are found on the surface of bone and can be stimulated to differentiate into other type of bone cells called osteocytes.

• Osteoclasts: These are called bone-resorbing cells. They are found on the surface of bone. They dissolve the bone.

For a review on the skeletal system, watch the answer explanation video below.

[Source: KNAT Tutor Lesson: Skeletal System]

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