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What Is On The Kaplan Nursing School Admissions Test?

The KNAT, or Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test, is one form of a standardized nursing school admission exam. Students seeking admission into a nursing program for RN, BSN licensure will be required to take an assessment that will measure their academic capabilities. Nursing school entrance exams are meant to predict success within the program by testing for essential skills within math, science, and language.

As more students and professionals look for admittance into RN/BSN programs, nursing schools are becoming increasingly competitive for academic seats. Programs are looking for higher exam scores and utilizing entrance exams that can best predict student success rates. Many universities and programs will require the ATI TEAS or HESI A2 exam. The KNAT is the newest exam that programs are turning to as an entrance requirement.

Although these entrance exams test for the same essential subject matter, there are major as well as subtle differences to each. It is important to know which exam your school of choice is requesting scores for and furthermore, knowing your exam before you take it. The KNAT is broken down as follows:

What Is On The Kaplan Nursing School Admissions Test?

With each section being timed and scoring a small amount of questions, it is crucial to know the material and master the skills that will be tested for. Each portion of the test is created to assess for skillsets and knowledge that will be necessary for a nurse. All 91-questions will be completed via official administration with instantaneous results, various score breakdowns and analyses. 

What is on the Science Section of the KNAT? 

The science section, for example, is a 20-question assessment of a student’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  Test-takers will be assessed on the organization of the human body, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, endocrine system, reproduction system, nervous system, and respiratory system. 

What is on the Math Section of the KNAT?

The math section will require a student to use their understanding of math concepts to complete word problems and other algebraic questions.  KNAT test takers can expect questions on decimals, fractions, solving real world mathematical problems, equations with one variable, rations, proportions, and percentages. 

What is on the Writing Section of the KNAT? 

 Although reading and writing go hand-in-hand, the writing section will use nine passages to test for the crucial skills specific to the knowledge and conventions of standard English.   

What is on the Reading Section of the KNAT? 

 Alternatively, reading comprehension section has a student reading only four passages and answering questions related to the logic and reasoning of language.  Questions will measure the test-takers ability to understand the author’s purpose,  establishing the main topic idea and supporting details, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and evaluating data.   

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