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How to Pass the KNAT in 5 Steps

5 Steps to Pass the KNAT

How to Pass the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test in 5 Steps

Studying for the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test is difficult. If you’ve done your fair share of searching for information on the test, you know the test is less than 100 questions; 91 to be exact. You may also find that it doesn’t seem like there’s any information about the test at all. And when Kaplan provides a monstrous textbook of information to prepare for it, being confident to take the test doesn’t seem at all possible.

Unlike alternative nursing school entrance exams, the KNAT is short. The test is meant to be an efficient exam to test students for the essential educational skills needed to succeed within nursing school. Considering the efficiency of the test, we’re sharing the 5 steps to pass the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test.

Step 1 on How to Pass the KNAT: Take a diagnostic KNAT practice test

A diagnostic test will basically help you determine what you do and do not know. Taking a diagnostic test is the first step to passing the KNAT because it will allow you to narrow down what to study and give you an outline of where to start, where to focus, and what to skip. Our free KNAT diagnostic test breaks down your score based on the four core subjects and their sub-assessments. You’ll be able to pinpoint what specific areas in each subject are your strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2 on How to Pass the KNAT: Create an Action Plan.

The second step is passing the KNAT is to create an action plan based on the results of your diagnostic test. At the end of the diagnostic test is a detailed report outlining which subjects you excelled in and which needed some improvement. In order to pass the KNAT, an action plan has to be made in order to see improvements regardless of the timeline or results of the diagnostic test. We recommend setting a realistic study schedule with specific resources that hyper-focus on your weaknesses. For example, a test-taker with a 33% score on the Author’s Purpose can create a plan to watch two videos from the KNAT Tutor lesson library a day for 20 minutes a day to improve in identifying the Author’s Purpose. As part of the plan, the test-taker will take 45 minutes to take a new KNAT reading practice test to measure their improvement.

As a general rule, if you have about five weeks until you are looking to take an exam, dedicate a week to each subject area with review days in between and leading up to the exam date. However, if your diagnostic test reveals that you might not know at least half of the content material in a certain area, it would be wise to extend that subject area week a few more days in exchange of another topic that you are very strong in.

Step 3 on How to Pass the KNAT: Focus on learning, not memorizing.

While it’s tempting to memorize the answers to the questions on the KNAT practice tests, it isn’t going to guarantee a passing score on the KNAT. The key to passing the KNAT is to leverage your preferred learning method such as flashcards, video lessons, or practice problems to learn the skills being measured on the KNAT. Memorizing the answer to a question does not mean you’re knowledgeable about that subject. Review the answer analysis and video lessons to confirm you understand why the answer is the answer. If you understand the why and the how of each subject, you’ll be able to identify the correct answers even when the questions are not familiar. For an online KNAT test prep course inclusive of practice tests, lesson modules for each subject, flashcards, and videos, check out KNAT Tutor.

Step 4 on How to Pass the KNAT: Set Realistic Expectations

Studying is equally as important as taking as many accurate practice tests. Taking a realistic KNAT practice test allows you to set realistic expectations of how much time you need for each section, how reliant you are on a calculator, and what kind of questions are going to be asked.  Take Smart Edition Academy’s Free KNAT Diagnostic Practice Test to take a realistic KNAT practice test. The more tests you can take, the more familiar you can become with the style of questions on the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test.

Step 5 on How to Pass The KNAT: Be Confident

Taking the proactive step to study and prepare allows you to feel more ready and confident. It is natural to be nervous, anxious, and overwhelmed, but those negative feelings can actually hinder your ability to perform well on a test. Be confident in the time you’ve spent preparing for this test. You got this! 

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