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What is the HiSET?

The HiSET is a high school equivalency test that is the alternative to the TASC or GED. With a HiSET certificate, you can continue your education with a college or career program. 

What’s the essay part of the HiSET like?

You will have 45 minutes to develop and write your extended response essay. You will have to read two passages and develop an argumentative essay that develops your argument for or against the issue while citing the passages. 

How many questions are on each section of the HiSET? 

There are 60 questions on the social studies, writing, and science section. The math section consists of 55 multiple choice questions. The reading section consists of 50 multiple choice questions. 

Is the HiSET test hard?

The HiSET is expansive and comprehensive. The test is evaluating your knowledge of many topics across multiple subjects. While it can be overwhelming at first, it is not impossible to pass. 

What’s the difference between the HiSET and GED? 

The HiSET and GED are both high school equivalency tests. The HiSET is more affordable than the GED and includes two free retakes. The HiSET also allows students to take the test on a computer or using paper and pencil.

How do I take the HiSET Exam at home? 

Taking the HiSET at home is easier than ever. After you have determined your eligibility and state’s requirements, you can sign up for an at-home test directly on the HiSET website

What is on the Math section of the HiSET?

The Math section of the HiSET reviews addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, factors and multiples, equations with one and multiple variables, circles, congruence, polynomials, standards of measure, ratios, proportions, percentages, measurement, and more. 

What is on the Social Studies section of the HiSET?

The Social Studies section of the HiSET reviews world geography, Civil War times, economics through history, macroeconomics, microeconomics, becoming a world power, principles of American Constitutional democracy, the American Revolution, the early Americans, the Age of Exploration, the 20th Century, and the structure of the United States government. 

What is on the Reading section of the HiSET?

The Reading section of the HiSET consists of questions on understanding author’s purpose, point of view, drawing conclusions, summarizing text, main ideas, topic sentences, supportive details, formal and informal language, evaluating an argument, active and passive voice, and integrating data. 

What is on the Science section of the HiSET?

The science section of the HiSET consists of physical life sciences and biology topics such as acids and bases, cell structure, cell function, cell type, photosynthesis, chemical bonds, chemical solutions, designing an experiment, states of matter, scientific notation, temperature, and the metric system.  

How do you pass the HiSET?

The best way to guarantee passing the HiSET is by investing the time to study accurate realistic HiSET materials, taking frequent HiSET practice tests to track your improvement, and by utilizing resources that fit your learning style. 

By being specific about your weak areas and studying intentionally, you will begin to see improvements in your weakest areas which over time contributes to higher HiSET test scores. 

How do I study for the HiSET?

Studying for the HiSET should begin by taking a HiSET practice test so you can determine your strengths and weaknesses. Smart Edition Academy recommends in creating a realistic study plan and study schedule that includes repeated study sessions on your weak topic areas. 

Make sure you give yourself enough time to study and rely on credible HiSET study guides and resources like a HiSET Online Course