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HESI A2 Practice Test Question from HESI A2 Tutor Lesson: Cardiovascular System

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HESI A2 Practice Test Answer Explanation

The correct answer should sound something like this:

The first step is a vascular spasm, or vasoconstriction, where the blood vessels constrict to reduce blood loss. Reducing blood loss for several hours, this process works best with small blood vessels.

The second step is platelet plug formation. Platelets adhere to the epithelial wall of the blood vessel and aggregate by sticking together. This creates a temporary seal over the damaged site.

In the third step, blood coagulation occurs. Also known as blood clotting, this process is a series of events that strengthen the platelet plug by using fibrin threads to form a mesh around the plug. The protein mesh functions as molecular glue, securing the plug to the damaged site. Red blood cells and platelets remain trapped at the damaged site, forming a clot that facilitates wound healing.

To learn more about the hemostasis, watch the video below. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more HESI A2 study resources.

[Source: HESI A2 Online Course Lesson: Cardiovascular System]

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