ATI TEAS 6 A&P Worksheet – Free Download

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Answer Key:

1) Ossification

2 Osteoclasts, osteon

3 Cancellous

4 Perisostium

5 Medullary , edosteum

6 armpit, groin

7 flexor

8 straighten

9 vertebral discs

10 Synovial.

11 tendons, ligaments

12 sarcomere

13 I-band

14 fasciculi

15 endomysium

16 cardiac, smooth

17 patella, sesamoid

18 short

19 six, four

20 skin

21 epidermis, stratified squamous

22 sabeceous, sebum

23 lunula

24 tanning bed, sunlight

25 hematopoiesis

26 illium, ischium, pubis

27 calcium

28 plate

29 sarcoplasm

30 osteocytes


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